From Huntress and Collectors


This work is a humorous dispute with surrealism and gender questions. With finding objects (Objet trouvé) like High Heels and coat hangers the artist made a new composition out of it. Through the work seems simple there are very many semantic levels to it.



Coat Hanger, High Heels



Series from Cow skulls: 3-5
Coat Hanger, High Heels,
50x 50 cm Wooden Boards. Felt, T
extile etc. 


Foto  © Violeta Walkolbinger




All under one hut:


Part of the inheritage of Katharina Brandls father was his cravats collection.

Cravats are a symbol of Power and are worn at special events. Also some company and enterprise men have to wear this male attributs.

In this work the cravats are brought to a male form: the flower. 



cravats, canvas, felthats

100 x 100 cm