Die Erde ist eine Scheide: 

Exhibition in the WHA-Galerie/ Kunstuniversität Linz

in March 2021.

Performance and Opening Exhibition:


Protect me


This work is based on the project by Jenny Holzer with LED-lights in New York (Times Square/ 1982). The number of surveillance cameras in a shopping mall and the display of the recordings on screens in the middle of the mall inspired Katharina Brandl to produce her own work with the title shown above. It ́s about protection and also consumption. The three protagonists are placed in different locations in the mall each showing only part of the trilogy forming the text. Sometimes interactions with the visitors of the shopping mall can be seen, because they realize only part of the message. In the video and on the specific screens it is possible to read the full message .


Video 1,45 ́
Link: https://www.dorftv.at/video/241 30


Dance of Hands




This work is the result of a half year studentship in Hartheim- Upper Austria, Atelier-"Neuhauser Stadl" in Austria. It is a place where disabled people come to make artistic work.
The artist, Katharina Brandl, accompanied the people doing their artist work and made her own artwork out of it.

She focused her attention on the movements of the hands and made a film out of it. It is a performance of the hands and their different styles to move. Some move very slow, some are very fast. Some hands stay at one point and move out from this, needing only little space and the drawing lines get very dense. Others are moving all over the paperspace. One woman is drawing with both hands simultaneously etc.

November 201 5- April 201 6

Video 26´
Link: https://www.dorftv.at/video/26329