With an old photographic technic, the cyanotype, two chemicals were mixed together and then developed in sunlight. Sun and Clouds in connection wich one another. The Prints gets blue, that´s why the y are named "Cyanotype".

In the dreamland of clouds everthing is possible: putting castles in the air or cloud cuckoo lands and also daydreaming. Clouds passing by stands for lightness, airiness, boundlessness, volatility and are a metaphor for something new coming. They fly over time and space, are used in weather reports and they influence the climate change.

In German there is a Phrase: "Blau machen" for doing nothing and also the word "Pausen" are translated to the Englisch "Breaks". So Blue-Breakes

The chosen material where the clouds are printed on textiles from typical Austrian quilt cover or cake tops, both attributes of breaks.


Cyanotype on quilt cover and cake tops 


Screen printings from Newspaper photos of sport events.



Screen Prints in different formats


Many clotheslines in the city make colorful pictures of the city. Clothes hanging outside the rooms and houses let not only think of childhood memory but also of country side and poverty. In some places in the U.S.A it is forbidden to hang clothes outside, because it influences the price of real estate.

Also in Europe the pictures of clotheslines get rare and these  photos are a reference to a world we sometimes have forgotten.

Do the children nowadays have this sensual experience that is offered by  wandering through fresh washed clothes hanging from the line? Isn't it very intimate to put the clothes outside? These are the questions the artist is raising by making these photos in Cuba, Italy and Turkey.


Digital Photo spread